Anglais : Enjeux des civilisations (ANGL202_DRLEA)

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This course will explain how the politics and government of the UK work. It will retrace the evolution of the main British institutions from the earliest times, and it will focus on the factors which have contributed to the creation of a complex modern State.


Understand how modern British politics works

Draw comparisons between the past and the present

Develop analytical and critical skills

Use precise terminology


Plan du cours

  1. A historical overview of the main British institutions
  2. The British system of government today
  3. The UK’s relationship with Europe


Kenneth O. Morgan (ed.), The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009.


Michael Moran, Politics and Governance in the UK, 3rd edition, London: Palgrave and MacMillan, 2015.


R.A.W. Rhodes, Everyday Life in British Government, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.

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